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Fanfare from the Rajasthan

 9 artists 

Music and Dance

On stage or itinerant


The Jaipur Maharaja Brass Band takes you, through its joyful performances, in an explosive universe of merriment, dynamism and energy in which grace and the sacred are constantly rising. Coming from a thousand-year-old tradition, it unfolds a subtle and explosive music, combining the incomparable talent of renowned musicians and the virtuosity of Amrat Hussain, a confirmed Tablas player. Drawing on the classical and traditional rhythms of Rajasthan as well as Indian folklore and popular cinema, this band spreads joy and festivity on its way.
The lightning of the brass and the surprising tempo of the percussions inspire the movement of the fire-breathing Fakir and the contortionist acrobatic dancer. They  mix their ancestral practice with the frenzy of music.
The energy quickly spreads to the audience who, taken over by the dynamism of the musicians, manifests an incomparable joy proper to the festive music.

Instruments : Tablas, trombone, clarinet, euphonium, bombo, cajón.



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