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Corsican and Flamenco songs 

 4 to 6 artists 

A Sons du Monde creation



When the emotion of Corsican songs unites with the expressiveness of Andalusian rocky timbres and the rhythm of the flamenco guitar…
Flamencorsica is an unprecedented and daring encounter between the Corsican singers of the Sarocchi group and the artists of the Flamenco group Calle Cerezo.
A moment of sincere, authentic and emotional exchange that highlights the variety and richness of Mediterranean vocal heritage.
The Mediterranean identity is the guiding thread of this spectacle, which reveals itself with disturbing evidence.


In Spain as in Corsica, people continue to sing in an exalted way in memory of the elders, to show pride of their cultural identity and to express love, pain, death, nostalgia, work…
But above all, concentrating the poetic universe and the daily lives of men and women of the same tradition, the powerful songs of these two traditions bring together and strengthen relationships.

This show invites you to discover these generous and friendly cultures.
A musical chord galvanized by the same authenticity and depth. A combination of talents and temperaments... A convincing and exciting meeting !



Javier Cerezo : Guitar and Artistic direction

Alberto Garcia : Singing

Melchior Campos : Singing

Benedettu Sarocchi : Singing and Cetara

Jean Pierre Pieve : Singing and Guitar
Paul André Fattaccini : Singing and Guitar




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