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Music and vocals

 4 to 12 artists 



“Mustafa Naham, legacy bearer, history smuggler, genius of tomorrow”


Mustafa Naham is a committed singer, listening to his country and his continent. In an Afro-folk mode, he fights in music against corruption and sings about freedom and hope. During his concerts, he chooses to give the image of an Africa that smiles and wins, and proposes a captivating, engaging and meaningful music. He sings in French and in Senegalese accompanied by a guitarist and a percussionist.


Born in Saint Louis in Senegal, Mustafa spent his childhood between Podor, Dagana, and Casamance.
Inspired by those he called the Major Five ; Omar Pene, Baaba Maal, Ismaël Lô, Thionne Seck and Youssou Ndour, he started composing at a young age, guitar in hand, his first songs, then continued his encounters and collaborations.
He defends the causes of students, made them aware of the values of active citizenship, and founded the Campus Tour of Senegal.

Winner of the 2013 Visa Prize for Creation awarded by the French Institute, he released this same year his first album entitled « Guidelam » (my love) under the label «Les Enchanteurs».
Between Paris where he now lives and Dakar where he pursues educational activities, Mustafa is now secretary of the Onlyfrench festival and sponsor of the Swiss project « Une chanson pour l'éducation », a music project in favour of the education for all.

His last album, released in October 2016, is the result of several collaborations including Amen Viana (guitarist-arranger of Kezia Jones, Indila and Kendji Jirac) and Moustapha Gaye (guitarist of Youssou Ndour).

Mustafa Naham is currently in studio to prepare the release of his next album PARIS-OUAGA-DAKAR (in collaboration with the Burkinabé Kora player Kantala and the guitarist, French arranger Dominique Prévost).

Mustafa Naham's concerts are filled with his energy, his desire to communicate with the public and his ability to share enthusiasm and emotions.


Vocals, guitar, percussion


MUSTAFA NAHAM 4 artists :
Vocals, guitar, percussion + bass or drums or chorister

MUSTAFA NAHAM 5 artists :
Vocals, guitar, percussion + bass or drums + chorister



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